Board Committees

Each board member serves on a committee. The committees, their members, and their descriptions are listed below. If you have questions or suggestions about projects for the committees, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

VSU Board of Directors Committees

Booster Relations Committee

Font Tornabene, Chair - Michael Smith, Chair
Committee Members - Will Fricks, Chad Jordan.

This committee works with the Athletic Department to assist with the development of the athletic tailgates; assist with event planning for conference/region/national playoffs; assist with marketing of athletic.

Chapters Committee

Corrina Robinson, Chair Chapters North 
Chuck Roberts, Chair Chapters South (South Chapter President).
Committee Members - Ryan Whitfield, Sean Willett (Savannah Chapter President), Cosby Johnson, Justin Kirnon.

This committee works with alumni groups wanting to form a chapter or club; works with the current alumni chapters on planning events, working within budgets, and increasing membership. This committee also oversees the creation and updating of chapter guidelines/bylaws.

Directors Committee

Amanda Peacock, Chair
Committee Members - JD Dean, Will Jimerson, Tommy Johnston.

This committee works on board related functions such as new member orientation, annual retreat, board nominations, and related correspondence with the board.

Special Events Committee

Marty Rodgers, Chair
Committee Members - Laura Fici, Jamie Hill, Beverley Richardson-Blake, Wes Sewell, Ashley Mock, Trellis Payne, Lori Lambright, Tasha Lott.

This committee assists with the planning and coordination of special events such as VSU Homecoming and award luncheons/dinners (Distinguished Alumni/GOLD). This committee also plans other non-chapter sponsored events.

Finance Committee/Strategic Planning Committee

Mike Beverly, Chair
Committee Members - Larry Hanson, Donovan Head, Lindsay Strickland, Jim Tunison, Clay Moseley, Paula Weeks, Nick Overstreet, Sirocus Barnes, Mikki Hudson Wills, Scott Purvis.

Finance Committee reviews the monthly budget of the Alumni Association and sets annual budgets for chapters and special events.

Strategic Planning Committee assists with maintenance of the bylaws and adherence to the mission statement. This committee also works with the board on setting annual goals to continually improve the VSU Alumni Association.

Student Services Committee

Kimberly Cliett, Chair
Committee Members - Jalen Smith (SGA President), Lorena McLemore-Cole, Jessica Freeman.

This committee assists with supporting our students before graduation by offering services, events, and scholarships.